Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Marketing Sales Letter

Dear consumer,
Upon reading my letter, you can see that there is an attached sachet of moisturizing cream, and this is part of our gratitude to thank you and for the rest of our consumers who are loyal to our brand.  And this kind of moisturizing cream is just one of our new items right now that we wanted to share with you.  This is all natural cream that will not harm your soft and beautiful skin.  It is really made for the benefit of the many women today that wanted to always feel good and beautiful.  That is why it

Marketing Letter Example

Dear Madam,
Great Off Price to Offer for Furniture
With several kinds of offers that you will see in the market today, it is important that you take extra care in choosing the right brand for you.  And we from High Top Furniture Inc believe on the needs of our consumer that is why our furniture is just made in accordance to consumers delight.
We our one of the leading furniture company today that you

Real Estate Marketing Letter

Dear Jonathan,
Your dream house can be soon a real one for you, now that we have a great offer for you that are just fit to your budget.
We, at Lee Developing Housing Inc. offer several of places for homes that you think is perfect for you and for your family. It is our privilege to assist you on your convenient time to
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