Monday, April 1, 2013

Recognize And Thank a Speaker

Prof. Alvin Smith
Bolton University
Bolton, BL4 5AB
Dear Prof. Smith,
First, let me thank you for attending our activity as a speaker on the topic, “Responsible Entrepreneurship in the Era of Globalization,” last week.  Our participants were impressed by your speech which they found to be very informative and substantial.
The organizers were greatly satisfied by the speech you delivered.  You were able to convey the message clearly and have encouraged many of the entrepreneurs to re-examine their
working principles and goals.  Many participants were inspired to follow the path you have taken as a responsible entrepreneur sharing to society the blessings you earn through your business.  We are sure this will help kindle the spirit of social responsibility in the local business community.
Thank you very much for accepting our invitation despite your busy schedule.  We look forward to having you again as one of our speakers in future activities
Very truly yours,
Organizing Committee

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