Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sorry letter to my Ex boyfriend

Dear (his name),
I am writing you this letter because I wanted to apologize for a couple of things. I want to apologize for hurting you so much. I understand that you have been through so much and that you are mad at me for the way I have acted for so long. I lied to you trying to test you in different ways. That was so stupid and immature of me. I made a HUGE mistake making you worry, cry and feel disappointed in me. My life has been different from the Sunday the dramatic chaos happened. I was such an idiot for acting so stupid. I am sorry that we did not agree on a lot of things, and I just didn’t listen. I was wrong. You were

right most of the times. I really regret it. Please forgive me. Even though I didn’t do this a lot of times, but I want you to forgive and forget like I always said. I am glad that I went out with you because I have learned so much. I’ve learned that I need to treat people the way I want to be treated. I also learned that sometimes my mistakes hurt those that I care about. Please accept my most heartfelt apology.

I am so sorry. I understand that I hurt you so badly, I just can’t find space in myself knowing how mad you are at me and just hoping that sooner or later you will forgive me. Please believe me. You probably think that I am writing you this letter just to make you trust me or to cheer you up. No way. That is not my mission. My mission is for you to forgive me. I really mean this letter and I really need your forgiveness. I hope that in the future, someone will hurt me exactly the same way I hurt you so I can feel how it feels, that is how much I regret my wrong actions.

You did nothing wrong, remember that. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. I know you can. I didn’t think that things would turn out as bad as they did. You started hanging out with girls and getting drunk and getting beaten up because of them. When I heard this, I just cried nonstop. You told me that that you looked at something again (you know what it is). You also started smoking I guess…Why are you thinking of starting cocaine? Why did you start cussing so bad? I am very sorry. I didn’t know that my mistakes would lead to all of this. Maybe, you are doing something else that I don’t know about, but if you are, I hope it is something good. I will never stop praying about you. 

I hope you will gain that happiness back and don’t have doubts about yourself. I wish you everything good and sweet. Let God Bless you to the end of your days. Jesus loves you and I know that he has a beautiful place for you in Heaven. He died for you and that way He can forgive your sins. All you have to do ask for forgiveness and not repeat your sins. Well… its time for me to end this letter. I wish for a reply soon. Please accept my apology. I am truly sorry. If you can’t forgive me, well then just email me back and I will just hope that you will forgive me someday. At least email me that you have received and read this letter. Thank you!

( name)

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