Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sorry Letter to Girlfriend

A sorry letter to girlfriend to resolve any commitment or relationship issues.

Sorry Jane, whatever it is that I have said or done, I apologize for it. I do not like it when you suddenly shut me off and give me the silent treatment. I am aware that perhaps I might have done or said words that could have offended you in some way, but I would like to assure you I had no intention of hurting your feelings that day. Whatever it is... that might have rubbed you the wrong way, I hope we could talk about it. Please give me a fair shot at explaining myself. We have our quirks, but being standoffish won't resolve any of our issues. I am trying here. I have been patient and I have given you the space you need and I have said sorry up to this point in so many ways possible. Come on, call me and let's patch things up.


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